A Common Man’s Desperate Act Sparks a Revolution

Moe Sullivan worked in the ore mines of Copernicus Base, eking out a meager life for his family. His thickset body shuddered as he joined the stream of humanity bustling through the concourse. His mind was still back in his little residence. The fight with his wife Miriam had torn at his heart. The images of their daughter’s emaciated body haunted him. Moe could still see the debilitating sadness embossed on his wife’s face. He understood her anger, her pain. Desperation was one of the few things they still shared.


Two wake-periods before, the corporate bigwigs, in their thirst for wealth, had decided to impose an air-tax on the residents of the Cuss. Moe and Miriam were devastated by the news. It was wrong to charge an air tax, but what could they do? They were powerless, and they had run out of lifelines. Every bit of their income was consumed by the barest of necessities. There was no way to scrimp any further.


Moe churned everything over and over in his mind as he walked toward the mines. He came to the largest dome in the Cuss complex. It was the Base Commons, which hosted a breathtaking garden. It was a taste of earth, an oasis in the otherwise forbidding bleakness of the lunar landscape.


A woman was strolling along one of the garden paths which intersected Moe’s route. She walked with an air of self-importance. She had a small girl on a leash, who strained at the cord like an excited pet. All Moe could see was the strap and harness on the toddler. Moe reached up unconsciously, rubbing his neck. Meridian Corporation had leashed him, like a powerless infant, and there was no escape. Moe wondered if she knew how much she depended on people like him. The Cuss survived on the shoulders of the common worker. Moe and his comrades poured out their lives for them, never seeing any benefit from their struggles. Those who hold the leashes garner all the advantages.


Moe pushed forward, marching toward an opening in the southeastern quadrant of the dome. He slowed his pace as he entered the companionway that led to the Blue Collar Commons. The BCC was the hub of the industrial half of the Cuss. He paused in the maw of the corridor, with one foot in the beauty of the Base Commons, and the other in the darkened industrial companionway with its decking embossed by decades of footprints that had ground the powdery lunar regolith into the oily residue dripped by countless machines.


He turned his back to the lovely garden and pressed his way into the darker, grittier space ahead. The corridor decking was embossed by decades of footprints that ground the ultra-fine lunar regolith into the oily residue dripped by countless machines. The space was filled with the muttering of men and women who were headed to work. In stark contrast, those returning home from their shifts were silent, their shoulders sagging from fatigue, and their coveralls laden with sweat and grease. He felt a kinship with these people, but it was a feeling of shame and failure. Moe knew what he had to do to save his family, and that one act of desperation would change everything.


cover design by Jason D. Moore

Nixie Drake is a seventeen year-old interplanetary smuggler whose world crashes down around her. She loses her ship and her crew in the aftermath of a foolhardy decision. She questions the loyalty of her friends and is shattered by their betrayal. Little does she know that she is in the cross-hairs of an old enemy. With her life crumbling and her confidence broken, Nixie discovers the secret of her beginnings and must decide whether she will be a victim, bound to her past or a leader who tenaciously pursues her future. NIXIE’S RISE is the second novel in the MERIDIAN’S SHADOW series by Dan Moore.


REVIEWS: “I couldn’t put it down…This, in my opinion, is the best you’ve written so far.”

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He created a killer…

Hunter Logan must fight a battle to save his daughter and the world. When his team creates dangerous nanomachines to fight pollution, a saboteur’s bomb destroys their lunar laboratory and unleashes the killer particles. Logan finds himself caught between the sociopathic leader of Meridian Corporation who wants the deadly nanomachines and a radical environmental group that wants to stop his work at all costs. Hunter is crushed by guilt. He and his family are driven across the solar system to an isolated research settlement and forced to recreate the killer nanomachines. Logan’s daughter is taken hostage and enemies infiltrate his team. The stakes can’t be higher as Hunter Logan struggles to find his daughter and stop his deadly creation that threatens the world. This is the first novel in the Meridian’s Shadow series.

…can he save the world?





She lost her past…

The Rings of Alathea - Science Fiction Novel by Dan MooreEarth has been rendered uninabitable by an asteroid impact. A woman wakes up on a pod ship orbiting a mysterious planet with golden rings. She’s been asleep for five hundred years and doesn’t remember who she is. She wakes up in Jameson Stryker’s hibernation chamber, so they call her Jamie. Half of her companions have died. She is surrounded by strangers and haunted by her dreams.

When they land, Jamie and the other colonists find themselves on the shore of an alien sea and surrounded by a strange jungle. Mysterious lights appear and their settlement is threatened by forces beyond their control.  Jamie begins to remember the past and discovers an alien presence. There is much more to her than she ever imagined. Everyone’s survival rests on her shoulders and resides in her mind.

…but holds the key to their future.


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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00018]Jake and his mate Erika are folding space-time when something breaks their muse, and they are cast into a cemetery in northeast Colorado. In an instant, Jake finds himself lying in the dark. Erika’s dead body is next to him. He is staring into her lifeless eyes, unable to move. He is stunned and shattered. An unknown killer is lurking just beyond his field of view. When the authorities arrive, Jake becomes the prime suspect in Erika’s murder. He is set adrift, broken by grief and thrust into an unfamiliar territory. Without Erika, Jake cannot twyne the fabric of space and return home. He is stranded. A kindly woman befriends him, giving him a place to stay in her boarding house. Jake struggles to pick up his life again. How can he find meaning without Erika? Twyner’s Bridge, the new novel by Dan Moore, will enchant you with a thought-provoking yarn of loss and the power of love.


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