Adding Kindle eBooks with Your Computer

If you get an ebook in an email, or CDRom, it’s easy to transfer it directly to your Kindle. I have successfully transferred .mobi files (native Kindle e-books), .prc files (readable on Kindles), and .pdf files (Acrobat files) to my Kindle. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Attach your Kindle to your computer via the USB power cable supplied with the Kindle.
  2. Turn on the Kindle
  3. A new window should open on your computer. Notice the “documents” folder on the Kindle.
  4. Drag the ebook file (mobi, prc, pdf) into the “documents” folder.
  5. Disconnect your Kindle.
  6. Press the “Home” button on the Kindle.
  7. The ebook should be visible with “new” to the left of the title. You are ready to read the ebook!

I hope this helps.

Moore later…

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