Review: “Dreams Unleashed” by Linda Hawley

Ann Torgeson is troubled by her dreams. She earns her living as a technical writer for AlterHydro, an alternative-energy engineering firm based in Bellingham, Washington. She lives alone with her dog in a Craftsman-style home which is packed full of high technology and ruled by Sinéad, a sophisticated computer. At first glance, Ann is a forty-four year old widow whose daughter has recently gone to college, but she is far more than that.

“Dreams Unleashed” is Linda Hawley’s debut novel, the first in her “The Prophecies” trilogy. She introduces Ann Torgeson, who is a richly textured, multidimensional character. Hawley offers an entertaining voyage through the swells and storms of the not-too-distant future where government and societal forces are threatening everyone’s privacy. This novel is both detailed and compelling. Written in the first person, the author effectively draws the reader into her heroine’s mind. Ann is a former employee of the CIA. She is an enigma. As the story unfolds, the reader journeys with her as she relives her past and tries to make sense of her vivid dreams.

This is a nonlinear tale which immerses the reader in a tantalizing paranormal mystery. Its twists and discontinuities leave the reader breathless, creating a world where the unexpected is commonplace. Linda Hawley tears down the boundaries which have traditionally framed reality. Her book offers a mind-bending experience which grips the reader and offers a fantastic glimpse of a world beyond our imagining. This is a book filled with cerebral action and metaphysical mystique.

One of the dominant threads in the story is a pair of phantom Herkimer Diamonds. Ann and her late father spent some time in Upstate New York, digging for them in the southern foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. They found the crystals during their excursion. From that day on, they wore the Herkimer Diamonds as symbols of the powerful bond they shared. (The Herkimer Diamond Mine is a couple of hours drive from my home. I enjoyed every word of this account, having spent time rock hounding there. My first wedding ring is still somewhere in the West Canada Creek near the Herkimer Diamond Mine KOA.)

Linda Hawley invites the reader into Ann Torgeson’s inner thoughts. “Dreams Unleashed” is a labyrinthine tale where Ann discovers her link with cataclysmic events and startling powers, which will change her life forever. If you like paranormal fare, you will enjoy this book.

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