Fixing Unwanted Indentations in Kindle Files

I write my novels in Microsoft WORD. There is dialogue, of course. Sometimes I write a half a page of one and two-line paragraphs. When I upload my file through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), I invariably find that the resulting Kindle file has indented the second line of the two-line paragraphs.

Here’s what I mean. The following passage is how I intended it to look.

When KDP’s software was done with it, it looked like this:

Notice the second lines of all the two-line paragraphs were indented.

Here’s what I did to solve the problem. I saved my WORD document as an html document and uploaded that version to KDP. The resulting manuscript was perfect. NOTE: This works if your document doesn’t have any external content, such as images. If it does, you will need to use Mobipocket Creator.

I hope this helps you avoid a long night of bashing your head against your monitor.

Moore later…

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