TWYNER’S BRIDGE: A Tribute to the Child We Never Knew

     On Christmas morning, 1979 our second child died through miscarriage. Diana and I were devastated. Time stood still, and our world was shaken. Christmas was for births, not deaths. We struggled to understand the pain and sorrow. Honestly, though modulated by time, we can still feel the loss as though it was scar tissue on an old wound. Each Christmas since, we have shared a knowing glance in silent acknowledgement of our precious child. We recall our grief while giving thanks for our other two children.

      We have often wondered what our child would have been like. Although we never knew for certain, we have always believed she was a girl. The name we had chosen for her was Erika Joy. Had she lived, I am sure Erika would have been an amazing person.  She would have captured the heart of a remarkable man. He would have been blessed by her joy, and their love would have carried them to places they never imagined.

     As my musings about our beloved Erika took shape in my imagination, I realized I had to write about her. The story would be told from the perspective of her life-partner, and the tale would explore the poignancy of loss and the power of love. That is why I wrote my latest novel, “Twyner’s Bridge.”

     Jake Twyner and Erika Joy are the central characters of the story. They are a couple, but far from ordinary. Through their passion, they can twyne the fabric of the cosmos, folding the space-time continuum at will and forming portals. They journeyed throughout the galaxy. Harnessing their love enabled them to become star voyagers and see the breathtaking majesty of the universe.

     Jake and Erika had tried to have children, but they lost their first child through a miscarriage. They are twyning over the Rocky Mountains when Erika tells Jake she wants to try again to have a baby. Jake is rattled by the prospect, and the muse that empowers their twyne is shattered.

     The story begins in the next moment. Jake awakens. Erika is lying next to him, her dead eyes and expressionless face burned into his memory. Jake is temporarily paralyzed, unable to pull her into his arms. An unseen man, surprised by their sudden appearance, is standing in the dark over Erika’s lifeless body. He has just stabbed her.

     Jake discovers that the interrupted twyne has deposited him in another time, as well as a new place. He is emotionally and physically marooned. Jake is reeling from Erika’s death. He is struggling to fit into an unfamiliar place. The unknown killer is stalking him, seeking to eliminate any witnesses to his murderous deed. What will become of Jake? Will the killer have his way? How can Jake move on without Erika?

     I write this, hoping your interest will be piqued, and you will take a chance on my new novel, “Twyner’s Bridge.” It is a story that rings with the overtones of my family and the fathomless mystery of love and loss.

Moore later…


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