Adrianna Logan

I am married to Hunter Logan. We have a teenage daughter Sprite, who is testing my patience. She refuses to talk to me. I know she’s angry, but I don’t know why. Hunter has spoken with her, but she refuses to tell him what’s wrong. I want to be a good wife and mother. It’s hard balancing the demands of my work and the responsibilities of family life. I haven’t always succeeded. Our work developing the phase two nanomachines was been all encompassing and the negative publicity has pushed me to the breaking point. Pulling up roots and moving to the moon has all of us tapping dwindling emotional reserves.

I worry about Hunter. He is a sensitive man who feels deeply about his work. He doesn’t know how to protect himself from the opinions of others. When the public turned against us, Hunter was crushed. I agreed to come to the moon because I thought the move would make things better. He’s more relaxed and we’re doing better as a couple, but Sprite is still aloof. Being the mother of a teenage girl isn’t easy.
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