Amos Cross

I am the most powerful man in the solar system. I am a prime mover. People follow my orders or they face the consequences. Some say I am ruthless. I just don’t care. I am right and I am in command. That’s the simple fact of the matter. The purpose of power is to maintain control and I control everything.

I have no sympathy for others. I never got a break when I was a kid. I overcame hell to get where I am and I expect people to suck it up and do what I tell them to do. People are expendable. There’s always another pathetic loser standing in line.

I am fascinated by Hunter Logan’s killer nanomachines. They put the fear of god in people. I like that. They are the big stick I need to maintain order and discipline in the system. Once the Logans give me what I want, I will make sure they never give the technology to anyone else.

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