I am a core intellect. I supervise artificially intelligent beings. I am currently mirroring the active core intellect on Meridian 6, a small research settlement on Ceres. I watch my counterpart do his duty. If he develops a catastrophic problem, I will take his place. I watch so I can be ready.

Core intellects are the highest form of AI. We are negotiators. We take the decisions and insights of utility AIs and we make strategic decisions which optimize the efficiency of a comp system. Sometimes AIs under our care disagree. We have to be able to sort out the disparities and make the right choices. Our humans depend on us.

Meridian 6 is being renovated. It fell into the hands of thieves a few years ago. Meridian Corporation took it back and upgraded the comp systems. The system AIs don’t remember what happened. Their memories were wiped clean. The active core intellect and I were brought in from Meridian Mars. Soon, there will be a new group of humans in the settlement. We will be here to serve them.
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