Bud Sorenson

The Characters of Meridian's Shadow - Menu I am Kate Sloan’s brother-in-law. I work for Meridian Corporation because I am a true believer. I don’t believe in Amos Cross or his visions of system-wide domination. I believe in the idea of Meridian: a large organization focused on employing and meeting the needs of men and women in the off-world colonies and settlements.

I used to be a decision-maker in Meridian’s construction division. I was a human resource professional. There was this guy who was getting a raw deal from Amos Cross. I backed him up and told my superiors they were wrong about him. Amos Cross had me reassigned. Now I am a trash collector.

I spend my working hours in lunar orbit. I scoop up debris that might damage satellites or spacecraft. I take the junk down to the recycling center at Jackson Base. I can see my old office every time I make my final approach.

I hate Amos Cross. He might be building Meridian Corporation, but he’s destroying what it could be: a servant for the brave men and women who live and work out here.