Damon Trask

I am the leader of the Citizen’s League. We are protectors of the Earth’s environment. The world was given to us by God and we were created to protect it. There is no higher calling than to tend God’s created order. We are not directed by any government or corporation. We are free to do what is necessary to insure the purity of the biosphere. The League has been known to employ extreme measures in the pursuit of our mission. We are willing to do what is ugly to maintain what is beautiful.

I am worried about Dr. Hunter Logan and the Nanotechnology Advanced Research Institute. They are tampering with creation. They are making nanomachines that destroy what they touch and replicate without limit. Logan and his people are creating a nanoscale army that will threaten everything we hold dear. We have tried to stop him by manipulating public opinion. Now he has gone to the moon. He thinks he is safe there, but he is not beyond our reach.
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