Dr. Maxwell Thrune

I live in a boring world. I am surrounded by stupid people who will never appreciate my intellect. I am always ten steps ahead of them. They weave their tiny little webs of lies and deceit while I behold the grand sweep of reality.

I have the misfortune to work for Amos Cross. He is full of himself, but he’s no match for me. He likes to order me around. He says there is a secret mission. He told me I was an indispensible part of his plan to strengthen Meridian Corporation’s grip on humanity. It has something to do with Dr. Hunter Logan and the Nanotechnology Advanced Research Institute.

Cross wants me to feel privileged. He wants me to grovel at his feet and tell him how great a man he is. I refuse because he needs me. My goal is to make him thank me for being such a brilliant part of his plan. I am his secret weapon, not the tiny nanomachines.
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