History of the Meridian Corporation

- Nanotechnology Advanced Research Institute moves to Copernicus Base to
continue research using Meridian facilities on Selene Station
- Spacecraft manufacturing established at Humboldt Base
- Deep Mining Operations established at new Plato Base
- Lagrange Base established for advanced mineral resource development
- Einstein Base established for advanced research in micro black hole real-time
communications systems
- Nearside Lunar Expansion announced
- Meridian Offworld severs ties with Meridian Earth – declares autonomy – renamed
Meridian Corporation
- Amos Cross Takes helm of Meridian Offworld/Meridian Mars
- Jules Verne Base established
- Animosity grows between Meridian Earth and Meridian Offworld
- Amos Cross joins Meridian Corporation
- Rinker’s Knot (4 Vesta) established as supply depot for Ice Line settlements
- Ohm Base established to support Rinker’s Knot Development
- Freelance Movement to Ice Line (Asteroid Belt)
- Meridian Earth wrestles with Meridian Offworld for control of Mars operations
- Establishment of Meridian Mars division at Aonia Terra
- Establishment of Aonia Terra settlement on Mars
- Proclus Base established to manufacture mining equipment and micro habitat technologies
- Expansion of Copernicus Base – new deep ice mine for oxygen and helium generation, new garden commons,
expanded spaceport
- First Mars Missions
- Icarus Base established to provide services for proposed Mars Settlement
- Disagreement between Meridian Earth and Meridian Offworld over expansion to Mars –
Meridian Offworld decides to move ahead against the wishes of Meridian Earth.
- Meridian Earth demands near side sister base for Compton – Pascal Base established
- Northern Hemisphere Expansion – Compton Base (far side)
- Meridian Offworld centers its operations at Jackson Base on the far side of the moon
- Disagreements emerge between Meridian Earth and Meridian Offworld
- Establishment of first far side Jackson Base
- Manufacturing facility at Tycho Base
- Ore mining established at Copernicus Base
- Meridian Offworld Division formed to manage mining and manufacturing efforts on moon
- First offworld ice mining operation at South Pole – Cabeus Settlement
- Meridian Earth established, Palo Alto, CA to provide self sustaining systems and processes for lunar prospecting and habitation.