Hunter Logan

I met my wife Adrianna in graduate school. We
were both studying molecular engineering. We worked
in medical research after graduation and developed
nanobandages. They interact with damaged cells
to accelerate healing. We were both hired as
co-directors of the Nanotechnology Advanced
Research Institute, better known as NARI.
I have always respected the environment and
had an idea to destroy harmful pollutants.
Adrianna and I gathered a team to develop
phase two nanomachines, designed to target
and destroy pathogens.
Hunter Logan
Our research is at a very delicate stage.
We have developed the basic nanomachines,
but they are not programmed to target specific
pathogens. They are indiscriminant killers and pose a
potential danger to anything that comes in contact with them. We keep them in a containment unit while we work on the mechanisms that will fine tune their appetites and
harness their killer instincts for the good of the environment.
I want to be respected. I work hard to earn the trust of my team and society. I have been troubled by society’s reaction to our work. The media has hyped the potential danger of the phase two machines. The public outcry was so great, further research was forbidden. Meridian Corporation, a huge offworld conglomerate based on the moon, offered to host our research on an unused lunar space station. Our team agreed and we moved to Copernicus Base to set up operations on Selene Station.
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