Jenson Reed

I always wanted to be a professional athlete, but I come from a long line of engineers and my family chose me to carry on the tradition. I would much rather be coaching a wrestling team somewhere. Sometimes the desires of the many outweigh the dreams of the one.

I am the comp specialist for the Nanotechnology Advanced Research Institute. I have been with them for four years. I was working as an engineer on one of the international space stations in earth orbit when I applied for my present job. I don’t know much about nanotechnology, but I am scary good with comps and communications systems.

The Logans have been very kind to me. They try to make me feel like part of the team, but I’m not a scientist and I will never be part of their inner circle. I do my job and try to get along with everyone. Most of them are okay. I’m not sure about Dr. Wren. She’s really odd, but it takes all kinds, I guess.
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