Jo Smith

I am surrounded by idiots. Don’t get me wrong. I like most of them. I even love a few, but they’re still idiots. Ty is my life partner. We got together in graduate school and have been arguing ever since. He’s the king of all idiots, but I love him.

I love to cook. When we agreed to come to the moon, I knew that I was headed into a culinary wasteland. Everything is prepackaged and synthesized up here. I insisted the Meridian Corporation install a proper kitchen in our living quarters. I made arrangements for shipments of real groceries to be delivered to us. They did what I asked because nobody likes to see me cranky. I have a reputation of insisting on my own way. Just ask Ty. He’ll tell you I can be stubborn.

I am not a diplomat. I have a quick mind and I tend to say what’s on it. I don’t make friends, but I can sleep at night. Having lots of friends is an overrated concept. I’m uncomfortable with NARI’s new ties with Meridian Corporation, but I was out voted. I’m used to that.

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