Kate Sloan

Some people call me Momma Kate. Others call me Old Kate. It doesn’t matter. I’ve been around a long time. I own the Delta V. It’s a tavern in “The District” on Copernicus Base. I know most of the miners and space dock workers in the Cuss. That’s what twenty years of tending bar and screwing the clientele will get you.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my time. Was married once. The bastard got tired of me. He told me I didn’t live up to his expectations. He walked out and I had to pick up the pieces. I managed to buy the Delta V, but couldn’t afford any help. I worked my butt off the first year or two. I would have lost the place without the help of some friends.

Now I’m part of the décor in the Cuss. People expect me to be here. My place is part of their routine. I’m ten percent bartender. The other ninety percent is divided between counseling and splitting heads. You get to know all the stories in my business. You hear things that nobody is supposed to know about and you learn who people really are: good and bad.
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