Maria Logan

The Characters of Meridian's Shadow - Menu Everything changes when you meet the love of your life. I remember when I met Prescott. We were both instructors at Aonia Terra University on Mars. He literally ran into me outside my office. He was working some problem in his head and wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. He plowed right into me. He spilled his coffee all over my clothes. I skinned my knee. It was so amazing. I took one look into his eyes and knew I wanted him forever. I have loved that man ever since.

We had only been married for a few months when Prescott got an offer to go to the Moon and work for Meridian Corporation. We loved our students and the teaching. We wanted to put down roots and raise a family on Mars, so Prescott turned down the opportunity. That’s when things got tough. We were fired from our positions at the University. Our assets were frozen. We lost our home. Prescott is really good with comp security and encryption. He found out Meridian was behind all of our troubles. They wanted Prescott and would do anything to force him into their service.

When you love someone as much as I do, you’ll follow them anywhere. We left Mars and headed for The Ice Line. We went into hiding on an asteroid where Meridian could never find us and we could raise our family in peace. That’s when we found out I could never have children. We’ve lived on that asteroid for over twenty years. You might think I’m bitter. I don’t care for Meridian Corporation, that’s true. But I am the happiest woman alive because I spend every day with the love of my life: my friend who spilled his coffee on me when he knocked me head over heels on that day so long ago.