Maya Lewis

I am a woman who lives beyond the bounds of morality and politics. I bend others to my will. They don’t know what to do when I am near them. They are distracted by my body. They are drawn by the fantasy I evoke in their minds. I am a sexual temptress who lures the unsuspecting to my breast and intoxicates them with my scent. What they crave often leads them to their ruin.

I work for Damon Trask and the Citizen’s League. It is a convenient place to use my skills. I am not an environmentalist. I don’t care about the League’s mission. I am there for the hunt. I will use every inch of my body to seduce, arouse and manipulate my foe. My goal is to turn on their bodies and turn off their minds. That is how I win. They never see me coming until it’s too late.
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