Nixie Drake

Hokin’ smokin’ this is a tuffy tough thing fer meezy wheezy to wrapper my noggin’ ‘round about. I ain’t much of a word wacker an I’m kinder nerved raw by the notion of sayin’ somethin’ like this. I ain’t sure how old as mud I ‘tis. I wasn’t born and bread and buttered like you. Name’s Nixie Drake. Nix to my buds. Guess I’m ‘bout fourteen or so so. I’m a transfer ship pilot. Lernt young and right quick if ya ask me. I smug. Case you’s not user friendly like with that term of dear meat, I steals things and carries them on the Raccoon to round about places for peeps who pay the piper for ‘em. Nobody suspecticles teeny tiny old meezy wheezy. Dults don’t get me. I’m unvisible to their blinkin’ peepers, I is.

I likes to drunk my skunk at Momma Kate’s place. The Delta V is my home when I’m not some nothin’ place else. I drinks a lot, but I ain’t no lushy lube job, nosirree. A drinks a day keepin’ the ghosts away is what my noggin’ thinks to bright. Momma Kate lifesavered me right good few years behind my butt. Can’t pay no billy goat like that, you can’t. She’s whats havin’ a momma mia musty bee’s waxy like it or not.

Momma Kate axes meezy to helper doodle her highness and goodness sometimes that ‘er changin’, right like. Can’t says noper doper to her no ways out I can’t. Soze I gets all ‘volved up with some pretty two shoes crazy as a doornail types of stuffy stuff, I does. Keeps my lazy daisies less lazy loosy. I’s doughnuts minder it muchy much. I don’t. Ackshully, been ‘while Cincinnati she puckered up and ‘quired ‘bout help type stuffy stuff. Kinda wunder take all whats and crooks sheezy’s gonna ax for next.
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