Ray Bright

I am a freelance supply expert. I think I was a circus performer in a past life. I am as strong as an ox. I move heavy cases. I organize payloads and manage inventories. Most people think I’m stupid, but it takes a lot of brains to do what I do. It’s hard work. It’s complicated, too.

I put my name in to go to the ice line on my next assignment. I hear Rinker’s Knot is a great place. It’s the largest supply depot in the asteroid belt. There will be a lot of opportunities for me there.

You might wonder how a person can survive doing a job like mine. I have to shuffle cargo in and out of storage day after day. I’ll tell you my secret: I love Broadway show tunes. They keep me sane. I listen to them all the time. They help me think and keep me moving.
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