Samina Haddad

There are parts of my past I’m not at liberty to talk about. I’m not a scientist. I was hired to be a research cybrarian for NARI. I’m really good at finding information, but Hunter and Adrianna invited me to join their team because of my other skills. They brought me on board before NARI moved to the moon. I can be very useful when there are outside threats. I make problems go away. The Logans have no idea who I really am. No one does. I do my best work in the shadows.

The Logans’ daughter has taken a liking to me. She follows me around like a puppy. I don’t like it. She’s a nice girl and I wouldn’t wish my life on her for the solar system. She is naïve. There is a beauty in innocence. It’s a beauty I lost a long time ago.
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