Scurvy Winslow

The Characters of Meridian's Shadow - Menu I followed God out to the asteroid belt. I was full of his ways. Thought I knew all about things. Black was black and white was white and there wasn’t any space in between. I lived my life around right minded people who thought the way I did. My parents taught me our way of life was the right and only way to be. I was on fire for Jesus and was dead set on burning everyone I met.

I landed on 4 Vesta and got a room at Rinker’s Knot. It’s a big shipping point for the ice line. There are a lot of hard working people there: prime targets for my evangelistic terrorism. I tried to scare them into accepting the Lord. I warned them about their drinking and sexing and cursing ways. I lifted up a bright and shining light in a land of deep darkness.

Nobody listened to me except Gabe Hendricks. We would sit for hours arguing about religion and faith and morality. That’s where I learned to drink. He told me how Martin Luther used to do his best theology with a tankard of brew in front of him. Slowly, I discovered that Gabe was right about things. I changed my ways and I’m a lot happier for it. I don’t get the crap beat out of me so much anymore, either.

Oh yeah, I made another friend in the Knot. His name is Prescott Logan. He plays a mean game of poker. I lost my old jumpship to that man. He comes by every few months. I think he’s hiding from someone, but that’s everybody’s story at Rinker’s Knot.