Been on board the Raccoon for four years. Kind of an odd assignment. Got a kid for a first mate. Named Nixie Drake. Never served under a kid before. Got this famous captain. Named Grit. Some kind of war hero. An honor to serve on his ship. Keeps to himself. Scars on his face from vacuum exposure. Only talks to Nix.

Not real comfortable with Nix. Pilots good. Full of ideas. Real sneaky. The Raccoon’s done real well with her. But. Only fourteen years old. Guess she and the captain balance each other out. Young, cute and dumb with old, scarred and smart. Don’t want either of ‘em to be mad at me. Nix has a temper and a sharp mouth. Grit carries a big stick, especially when we’re under way. I watch my tongue and go along with the way things are.
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