Sprite Logan

I like living on the moon. You can really jump and dance in low gravity. I miss my friends, though. There are other kids up here with us. Emile Hastings and Aurora North are younger than me. Kell Edwards is the only one my age. He’s nice, but he’s always sneaking up and touching me. I don’t like it. He’s got sex on his mind and it makes me nervous. I need a friend, not a lover. At least I have Wiley. He’s my personal artificial intelligence. He appreciates me for who I am. We talk a lot. I have a knack with AIs. They trust me because I treat them like people.

The best thing about coming to the moon is spending more time with my dad. Back on earth he was so upset. He threw himself into his work. I felt him pulling away from me. I can’t talk to mom. Don’t ask me why. It was unbearable when Dad withdrew into himself. He’s better now. He’s teaching me how to play chess.

There’s this woman on the NARI team. Her name is Samina. She’s beautiful. When I grow up, I want to be just like her. She’s smart and athletic. She’s got perfect skin and she’s full of life. I watch people when she enters a room. They are drawn to her. I want people to notice me like that. I want to be beautiful like she is.
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