Susanna Frost

I am Amos Cross’s executive assistant. I still pinch myself whenever I enter his office at Meridian Headquarters. He pays me well. He is teaching me how to be a great woman. It’s an honor to work for him. He is a great man and he has power. Power to make things happen. Power to define success.

I got a humble start. My dad left my mom and me when I was young. We were poor. I was destined to be an insignificant person. Michael Frost came into my life and swept me off my feet. We got married. He was handsome and I thought I made him happy, but he lost interest and left me for someone else. I was living at Jackson Base and needed a job, so I applied at Meridian. Amos Cross took an interest in me and turned my life around. I can never thank him enough for making me who I am today. I would do anything for him.
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