Tyson Edwards

I am Hunter Logan’s best friend. We attended a symposium in San Francisco and met for drinks after one of the sessions. We talked half the night and agreed that we would work together someday. Eight years later, my partner Jo Smith and I joined the NARI team. She and I were thrilled by the chance to pursue cutting edge science.

Jo abuses me. It’s all in fun, sort of. She calls me names and questions my decisions. I’ve gotten used to it. It’s her way of loving me, I think. She must love me. We’ve been together for nineteen years. We have a fine son, Kell who takes after me, thank God.

Jo tells me I worry too much. The phase two nanomachines make me nervous. They are going to do great things when we’re done with them, but right now they’re untamed beasts. One mistake and they could kill us and destroy a planet. That’s why we’ve taken so long to design the containment unit. It’s like a magnetic bottle that holds the machines in stasis. There’s a high vacuum and the particles are kept from touching anything. I spent many sleepless nights worrying about our designs. I insisted on triple redundancies for every critical circuit.

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