Linda Hawley:  “Filled with masterful passages of literary genius”

The pages of Meridian’s Shadow are filled with masterful passages of literary genius. Clearly the author intimately understands how to use the English language to persuade his readers. I had many ‘aha’ moments with Meridian’s Shadow where the author surprised me; then I remembered how he had foreshadowed an event long before. Even though the book is long, it never felt like it. None of the chapters are slow; it was edited so well. The author’s sense of humor shows itself throughout the pages, and I found myself laughing out loud.

So many science fiction writers bore me with details…details…details. But Dan Moore knows the perfect balance between information output and the forward momentum of events and plot. He writes in a way that I wished all scifi authors would. I couldn’t put the novel down, thinking that just around the corner would be another gem. I was so invested in several of the characters, like Nixie, that I was sorry that the novel would end. Then, I learned that this is the first novel in the Meridian’s Shadow series, and I cheered for joy.

This is the second science fiction novel I’ve bought of the author’s, and just like The Rings of Alathea, Dan Moore blew me away. There are some authors who have the unique gift of developing characters that jump off the page, and plots that are full of surprises; Dan Moore is one of these authors. In one word, I would define this novel as epic.

Jackie Jones: This book had me hooked from the very beginning. I suppose it’s mainly a science fiction, but I also think it belongs in the “epic adventure” category. Dan Moore is a very descriptive, character-oriented author. Each character is multi-faceted, even the bad guys. I love how the bad guys have a background too, so the reader can see why they are the way they are.

I love how this story had several parts to it. Right when you think everyone is safe and everything’s going to be just fine, something happens, and suddenly a new adventure has begun. And there were no slow parts at all. This writer has the amazing skill of describing things in great detail, without boring the reader. I saw this whole story play out in my mind. I loved how dismal the asteroids seemed. And I agree with another reviewer — it was cool how big space seemed in this book. There definitely were no Warp-5 ships in this tale.

And then there are the concepts in this book. There was a ton of creativity put into this story, with all the nanotechnology and micro-black-holes and holosystems. And I loved the Artificial Technology aspect as well. I hear this is the first in a series, and I would love to read more about the AIs in the next book. I will definitely be reading all the books in this series!

Larry Mauser: Meridian’s Shadow sets up a possible future for humanity and takes you through a fascinating story of a scientific discovery of huge potential and even greater threat. The power of the new technology drives the players through finding themselves, both good and evil. The characters are captivating and the story pulls you ever deeper into this setting of brilliant scientists, unusual personalities, kind souls and the most evil of villains. You will enjoy figuring out which is which!

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