The Ice Warrior – TBA

Ice WarriorTwo women. Two opposing forces. One deadly hatred.

Maya Lewis is a woman who holds a grudge. She is a Femme Fatale. She manipulates men with her erotic beauty. She controls them with her emotions. Like a Homeric siren, she lures the unsuspecting to their destruction. She does not fail.

But, Maya has met her match…

Her name is Ice. She is a phantom. She has woven her life around her secrets. She holds them close, like a lover in the night. She moves quietly like a spider stalking its prey. She has no feelings. No remorse. And until now, no hatred.

Maya and Ice cross swords and two enemies are born…

Maya’s hatred burns like an inferno. She will use her feminine wiles to find Ice’s weakness and use it against her. She will learn her secrets and discover the one thing she cherishes. Then, Maya will not stop until she strips away everything of importance to Ice and destroys her.

Ice is a heartless warrior who will not surrender until she has decimated her foe. She will unleash all of her cunning. She will attack with cold precision with one unshakable goal: to destroy Maya Lewis.

Their conflict will change every human being in the solar system. They will either win or die in The Ice Warrior, another novel in the Meridian’s Shadow series.

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